#1StudentNWI: Crown Point High School concludes school year

#1StudentNWI: Crown Point High School concludes school year

What’s recently happened?

Crown Point High School recently hosted a remarkable event that showcased the power of compassion and community spirit. In a remarkable display of solidarity, students, teachers, and staff came together for a memorable dance marathon fundraiser with the aim of raising funds and awareness for Lurie Children’s Hospital.

“The dance marathon is an extremely important event because it raises money for the children at Lurie Children’s Hospital,” Senior Class President Marianne Gerona said. “Some other officers and I visited the hospital and had a worker explain where our proceeds go. Seeing it in real life emphasizes the importance of raising money for this event. I have run this event for the past three years, and it’s been a blast. I think being able to lead a group of students raising money for a phenomenal cause is so uplifting and gratifying, and even though I can’t run it next year, I will gladly be donating and supporting the students and an amazing charity.” 

The dance marathon fundraiser's impact extends far beyond the funds raised. By rallying together for a meaningful cause, Crown Point High School has instilled in its students a sense of social responsibility and the importance of giving back. The event fostered empathy, compassion, and a genuine desire to make a positive change in the lives of others. Moreover, the funds raised will provide Laurie's Children Hospital with vital resources to continue their invaluable work, ensuring that children receive the care they deserve.

What’s coming up?

As the academic year draws to a close, Crown Point High School bids farewell to its students and staff, marking the beginning of a well-deserved summer break. Crown Point High School's students and teachers can look back on a year filled with academic achievements and personal growth. From challenging coursework to engaging extracurricular activities, students have embraced opportunities for intellectual development and self-discovery. The dedication and hard work demonstrated by both students and educators have contributed to a year of academic excellence.

Crown Point High School concludes yet another successful academic year, marked by academic achievements, memorable experiences, and lasting relationships. As students and staff embark on their summer break, they carry with them the knowledge, skills, and memories that will shape their futures. The end of the school year represents not only a time of rest and rejuvenation, but also a moment of anticipation for the adventures and accomplishments that await in the years to come.

Staff spotlight:

Carrie Quinn, an art teacher extraordinaire, has been transforming the lives of young artists for the entirety of her career. With her unwavering passion for art and dedication to nurturing creative expression, Quinn has become a beacon of inspiration in the realm of art education.

Quinn graduated from Crown Point High School in 2007. Learning under Karen Cox, one of the high school’s retired teachers, she found her love for art.

“I sat in the exact same room that I teach in. Mrs. Cox had inspired me to want to become a teacher because I love art. I’ve taken art classes since I was in 2nd grade, and I knew that I wanted to do something professionally with it,” Quinn said.

Along with teaching Ceramics, 2D Art, and 3D Art, Quinn also runs National Art Honor Society, is a sophomore and junior class sponsor, takes care of planning Homecoming and Prom, and she co-sponsors the Alliance Club.

Quinn has left an indelible mark on the lives of her students through her unwavering passion for art, her nurturing approach, and her dedication to fostering creativity. By creating an inspiring classroom environment and encouraging her students to embrace their individuality, she has empowered countless young minds to explore their artistic potential. As her students continue to blossom and leave their own mark on the art world, Quinn's influence will forever be remembered as a catalyst for creative growth and self-expression.

Student spotlight:

High school sports have witnessed remarkable tales of young athletes defying the odds and making a lasting impact on their teams. Lillian Stadnik, a talented soccer player, embarked on her high school journey with a bang, joining the varsity team as a freshman and continuing to shine as a key player throughout her sophomore year.

“The older girls were very welcoming. The team felt like a family. It also felt good to know that I was good enough to make it onto the team,” Stadnik said.

Joining the varsity team as a freshman can be a daunting task, but Stadnik embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and determination. Her seamless transition into the higher level of play demonstrated not only her technical abilities but also her ability to adapt to the speed and intensity of varsity competition. Stadnik's tenacity and willingness to learn allowed her to hold her own among more experienced players, especially when it came down to her showcases.

“Showcases are definitely stressful, but it always helps to have your teammates supporting you,” Stadnik said.

Showcases are events at which coaches from colleges come and scout talent for their own teams.

“I got a lot of confidence from showcases. I felt brave enough to show my skill and do what I needed to do to help out my team,” Stadnik said.

Joining the varsity soccer team brought new challenges for Stadnik. As a student-athlete, she had to learn the delicate art of balancing her rigorous training schedule, matches, and schoolwork.

“Balancing soccer and school has definitely been hard, but it’s helpful because my teachers are helpful and understanding as long as I get my work done,” Stadnik said.

Maintaining academic excellence was a priority for Stadnik, and she diligently managed her time, staying organized and seeking support when needed. Her ability to handle the demands of both academics and athletics exemplified her dedication and determination.

Stadnik's journey from joining the varsity soccer team as a freshman to becoming an integral player on the field by the end of her sophomore year is a testament to her talent, determination, and love for the sport. Her seamless transition, consistent performance, and growth as an athlete have made her a standout player.