#1StudentNWI: Crown Point gets ready for Fourth of July

#1StudentNWI: Crown Point gets ready for Fourth of July

What’s recently happened?

“I always enjoy marching in the Memorial Day Parade because of the passion and commitment of all of the Royal Regiment members. Almost 130 kids and each and every one of us shares the same love for what we do. We all play a part in bringing the Crown Point Community together, despite all being so different,” said incoming Senior Haley Pelke. 

Pelke is the section leader of the clarinet section and this is her fourth year in the band. Pelke is also friends with incoming Junior Rachel Magtira.

“The Memorial Day Parade is pretty fun and enjoyable. Events like these are important because it’s nice for the community to come together to celebrate,” said Magtira.

Magtira is a part of the band’s flute section, which saw new members before the parade.

“Memorial Day was great for my first parade ever. I believe we should have these celebrations to have a fun and safe community,” said incoming Sophomore Sarah Hlebasko.

During practice players got the opportunity to bond with their underclassmen.

“I enjoyed the parade even though it was hot. I think it was an enjoyable experience and the music was fun to march to. I think these types of events are important because it shows care in the community for those who have loved ones fighting or fought in service of our country. It also shows how we as a community can show support to our entire country and not just those in our community,” said incoming Freshman Cece Chenore.

Berrisford is a part of the percussion section of the marching band.  

“Marching in the Memorial Day Parade is really enjoyable because it’s an event that brings the community together. I feel like it’s important to have events like the Memorial Day Parade because it’s important to have events that the whole community can participate in, whether in the parade or just coming to watch,” said incoming Junior Abigail Berrisford.

What’s coming up?

Crown Point is set to hold its Independence Day Parade on Monday, July 4. Similar to the Memorial Day Parade, it will be made up of multiple sports cars, Scouts, the Fire and Police Department, local businesses, and the Royal Regiment.

“Events like this are important to make memories and to have a better connection to the community by helping their parades and events be more enjoyable,” said incoming Sophomore Talor Smith.

Smith is a part of the regiment's selected drumline, which she joined with her friend Ryan Whitaker.

“I think events like these are important because they bring people who have similar situations together. I am excited for the Fourth of July parade since it's our biggest one. Seeing everyone smiling brings such a good feeling,” said Whitaker.

Crown Point’s community is excited to experience what the regiment has in store for the parade. Occasions like these help the community come closer together as we celebrate our country and its independence.

Community member spotlight

June’s spotlight is Crown Point’s Tara Kostoff. Kostoff has been a teacher for 24 years, teaching for a year at Whiting, 17 years in Illinois, and has just finished her sixth year at Crown Point. 

“My favorite thing about teaching by far is making connections with students. It is so important for my students to know that I care about them as a person and want to help them in any way I can in school or out. I have many friends now who are former students. I love seeing what they become and watching them all grow up and begin lives of their own,” said Kostoff.

Teaching is about helping students learn and grow, and creating a safe environment for them to do so.

Besides teaching throughout the school year, Kostoff has also taken up teaching summer gym.

“I love teaching summer gym because I get to meet more students and stay active at the same time. I am a runner and I love being outside in the summer.  It makes me happy to be active and hopefully I can influence students to get outside and keep moving,” said Kostoff.

Summer gym provides an opportunity for students to get their gym credits without giving up a slot in their schedule, allowing them to pursue their other academic passions.

“Ms. Kostoff was such a nice teacher, she was so laid back and fun. Gym in summer did not sound appealing at all, but she never made it feel like too much work,” said incoming Sophomore Isabel Egner.

Egner took the class to get her one credit.

“My favorite thing to do in summer gym is watch the relationships that form between the students and also watch how the competitiveness grows as we play different sports throughout the weeks,” said Kostoff.

Throughout the 11 days some of her students had her they played volleyball, badminton, walked over 10 miles, and swam.

Overall Crown Point’s Kostoff has helped her students pave their own path through high school, knocking this one task off of their lists.