#1StudentNWI: Clark High School Looks to the Future

#1StudentNWI: Clark High School Looks to the Future

Student Spotlight:

Raquel Navarrete is an all around student at Clark High School. She is Vice President of National Honors Society, Secretary for the senior class, involved in yearbook, and also maintains over a 4.0 GPA.

Even though maintaining and handling these things at once is difficult, she still manages to make time for friends and discover her other interests for her future. Speaking with Raquel, she says, “Senior year has been really stressful, but spending time with my classmates for our last year together before we all go our separate ways has been my favorite and most memorable part of senior year.”

Raquel already has her mind set for her future college experience. She plans to major in chemistry and later attend graduate school in order to become a pharmaceutical scientist. Even though she may not be able to see her high school friends, she knows that she will try and stay in touch with them, as they all work towards their future.

Chloe-1-student-2Teacher Spotlight:

Even though Mr. Borsits is not a teacher at Clark, he deserves recognition for making Clark a fun environment for students. Mr. Borsits is the Dean Of Students at GRC. Since he began working at Clark a few years ago, he has shown that students are able to trust the administrators and not be afraid of them.

Mr. Borsits never misses an opportunity to get closer with the students. He attends trips, talks to students in the lunch rooms, and attends multiple sporting events. He also participated in previous spirit week days to encourage others to participate, and also make the students laugh. With this environment in school, students are more encouraged to learn, get along with each other, and even build better relationships with the teachers, administrators, and other staff members in the building.

With an adult like Mr. Borsits in the building, there is never a dull moment. From the cheesy puns, even to his most serious moments, he projects to the students to be serious but that it’s also okay to have fun while at school. The students are excited to see the new changes he and others will make in the Pioneer community.

Chloe-1-student-3What's happened?

Mr. Carillo, a history/economics teachers at Clark High School, and 16 students recently participated in the Rotary World Affairs conference. This conference took place at Purdue University Northwest and the topic was World Peace. This event gathers students to discuss current problems, with the main topic changing every year. Here the students think creatively and try to find solutions to the problems currently happening. This event builds leadership in the youth of high schools across the nation. Students are able to express their thoughts, ideas, and concerns at this event, putting forth an effort to change the future.

The students that participated in the event were recognized for their leadership qualities, as well as being the next generation of change in a world full of issues and division. These students hope their ideas can be voiced other places beyond the conference and shared with the world in order for people to come together on important topics around the world.

What's Coming Up?

On December 12th, the Upward Bound Program will be coming to Clark to talk about the program. Upward Bound is a low income and minority based program that helps students who want to go to college. At the assembly, Clark students will be presenting a slide show discussing key points of the program, like Saturday classes, and other opportunities the program can give to the students.

At the assembly, the Clark Peer recruiters will discuss their experience with the program. They will touch topics on why they joined TRIO Upward Bound, what have they done in the program, the benefits they have received, and also Upward Bound’s fun activities. Even though it is education based since it is a college readiness program, the students still get to go on trips that take them away from the learning aspects of education and add fun elements so the students are not drained from the workloads and stress college can bring in the future.

This assembly is aimed towards underclassmen, starting with freshman and sophomores, but the program encourages juniors and seniors to also get involved. Here applications will also be given out to any student who is interested and the peer recruiters will also check in with the students about their application process. This is an amazing and important program to be a part of, and will further heighten success in the future because the students will be more prepared for college, especially if their parents or siblings did not attend a university. This is a great opportunity to start in extracurricular activities and explore new things!