#1StudentNWI: Celebrating at Kouts High School

#1StudentNWI: Celebrating at Kouts High School
By: Cameron Cooper Last Updated: June 7, 2019

Students celebrate Pride Month

We often associate the month of June with a fresh start, especially for students. It’s a time for kids to have the freedoms they weren’t able to enjoy during the school year. There’s also the idea of weeks filled with fun and excitement surrounded by family and friends.

While the summer hype is buzzing, we often forget that June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Several individuals commented about how the LGBTQ+ community has affected their lives, and about equality and learning about differences in those around them.

“[Pride Month] has made me believe very strongly in equality and equal rights for not just the [LGBTQ+)] community, but those of different races, genders, and abilities,” said one individual.

Another talked about her younger years, growing up in the presence of the community. “My sister paved this road of knowledge for me when she came out to my family while I was still in elementary school. My family is very accepting and understanding,” the individual said.

“Many of my close friends associate and are part of the LGBTQ+ community, and they are all fantastic individuals. There’s nothing I could ask more of them because all of them are so accepting,” said one student.

Another said, “[Pride Month] helped me realize that I'm not alone in the world, no matter how often I feel like I am.”

The warmness that encomposes the community as they fight for equal rights globally has not gone unnoticed, and many people feel presonally liberated by the fight.

“It has opened my eyes to a whole new world, and that it’s okay to love someone that you want to love because other people feel the same exact way you do,” said one individual. “Pride Month made my life a lot more positive. It made me want to post a lot more about just wanting to love yourself and love others.”

Staff farewells

A couple of staff celebrated their last year at Kouts with a hearty and warm farewell from fellow students and staff.

Students said goodbye to two of the high school’s beloved teachers. Ms. Sanders, a teacher at Kouts for several years, will be retiring from the school as the primary Government and Economy teacher, while Ms.Gauler, music teacher of two years, will be relocating to warmer weather for a fresh start with family and friends!

Although the two will be missed greatly, students are excited to send them off to new horizons as a school as well as a community. The students thank both teachers for their time spent at Kouts, and wish them many more happy memories.

Juniors becoming Seniors

As seniors finish their high school education, the previous year’s juniors prepare for their last year. The graduating class of 2020 holds many promises when it comes to the diversity of interests for students claiming the senior title.

Between science club, basketball, volleyball, student council, and the English academic team, 2020’s got it all. Many of the students have spoken about what they wish to accomplish in their final year. While several talked about pep rallies, new teachers, and vocationals, many spoke the mutual respect that students and staff have for each other at Kouts.

One student stated, “I want us all to be as respectful as possible. We really are a nice bunch of kids.”

As a whole, the graduating class of 2020 hopes to bring kindness and respect to those around them, and hopes they’re treated in the same way.


This past May, Kouts bid a teary farewell to the graduating class of 2019. Friends and family gathered in the small gym to watch as the soon-to-be-alumni said their last goodbyes to each other. The room was filled with laughter and tears as the high school concert band and choir played and the senior slideshow broadcasted. Baby photos adorned the presentation while each graduate was recognized and congratulated by their families, Dr. Case, Principal Stoner, and Vice Principal Gabriel. As everyone said goodbye to those who made such an impact on the students and staff at Kouts High School, they filled with excitement for the many adventures they will experience. A full gallery of photos from the Kouts graduation can be found here: https://photos.ideasinmotionmedia.com/Education/Graduations/2019/Kouts-High-School-Graduation-2019