#1StudentNWI: Brickies Enjoy Homecoming Weekend

#1StudentNWI: Brickies Enjoy Homecoming Weekend

What’s Happened?

On Friday, September 14th at the Hobart High School Football Homecoming event officially happened. During this event the Homecoming Court was announced to the public. The King, Alex, and Queen, Gabi, were each crowned on the field. The Homecoming Prince and Princess were chosen and the two with the most votes were Tyler Shultz and Karissa Perosky. These two juniors were very happy with the outcome of the event as told with the smiles on their faces. As for the two seniors who won, they couldn’t be happier.

Hobart has been undefeated during every game this season and they hoped to continue that streak when they played against Andrean during homecoming. This local private school had other thoughts in mind and worked very hard to achieve their goal of winning. While the Brickies did work very hard they still lost to Andrean with the final score of 7 to 41. Although the Brickies did lose this game they worked very hard and had a wonderfully fun time while playing the sport.

During halftime it was revealed who won the prizes for best Homecoming float in the Parade that took place earlier that day. People who made Homecoming an all day event were pleased to hear the announcements when they learned who won. The Class of 2022 won with most unique with their Beatles themed float. The float had pictures of all the band members on top of their very own yellow submarine. Key Club and Brickie Leaders also won two more categories with their very well planned out floats. These clubs received a trophy for their success and will also have major bragging points over all of the other after school activities. Every club worked very hard to make this parade the very best. Many people would agree that this parade was better than any other and can’t wait to see what all of the clubs have in store for next year's Homecoming season.

This Homecoming Game had a lot of activities to offer for Hobart fans. One of the many activities was to watch the Brickettes dance team. They performed a lovely dance during halftime that the entire stadium enjoyed. After the Brickettes dance team performed they announced the winners to the fifty-fifty raffle. This raffle was an amazing way for the High School to get donations to make improvements to the school.

People from all over the city came out to see the outcome of this match but ended up with something even better. They ended up with an experience of a lifetime. Middle school students have the most fun at these types of events. It is often their first taste of freedom in a safe environment that many parents can trust leaving their kids at. Middle schoolers love having the chance to come but they are not the only ones. Kids of all ages love to run around during the game, play games with their friends, and then watching the football game when it begins. There is always something for the kids to do at the stadium. Parents even have a fun time watching their kids play on the field or just watching the game take place in front of them.

Student Spotlight

Jasmine Medeiros is a junior at Hobart High School who is a beloved cheerleader and friend. Jasmine has been a cheerleader for twelve years; she started because she was inspired by the NFL cheerleaders and what they did during football games. At five years old she told her mom how much she wanted to be just like those cheerleaders, so her mom signed her up and Jasmine has been in love with the activity ever since. Next year is her final opportunity to be a high school cheerleader, but she plans to continue in college because it is not only her favorite hobby, it is her passion. She enjoys everything about cheerleading, especially making new friends every year, teaching young kids just how special cheerleading can be, and doing all of the stunts that require so much hard work. Seeing her friends hardwork and dedication pay off is such a worthwhile feeling that she loves to experience.

Jasmine also teaches children the basics of cheerleading. She loves seeing the smiles on their faces during practice and encourages them to keep trying, even when things seem to be going badly. Cheerleading takes major determination, good work ethic, and a lot of time, but as with all goals, with hard work, improvement will be made. Determination is an important aspect of improvement.

Jasmine is looking forward to the school's homecoming dance with all of her friends. She says that this dance is a “great way to hang out with all of your friends” and it is also a wonderful reason to go and treat yourself to a new dress and a night of dancing. She hopes to see all Hobart High School students there and can’t wait for the big event. Not only will she be dancing, she will also be cheering on the field for the Homecoming Football Game the night before. It's hard to find anyone more enthusiastic than her.

Besides cheerleading, Jasmine is involved in other activities around the school. She has taken french for three years and is very proud of all the french dialect that she has learned in the program. She cannot wait to learn more about the language and culture and plans continuing classes into college.

Jasmine also loves watching new movies and television shows with her friends and family. Some of her favorite shows include the CW’s Arrow, The Flash and other shows involving similar aspects, especially superheroes. One of Jasmine’s favorite activities is baking. Jasmine bakes desserts as often as she can and whenever she has the correct ingredients. Some of her favorite things to bake are brownies and cupcakes.

In the future, Jasmine plans on attending Brown University. She hopes to become a veterinarian and help as many animals as she can. She also hopes to own her own clinic one day to provide care to animals at lower costs. She plans on adopting animals that need help and fostering others, eventually giving the fostered animals to new, caring homes.

We wish Jasmine the best of luck with her future plans and cannot wait to see what she has in store for the world.

Adult Spotlight

Coach Osika is currently the Head Coach of the Hobart High School Football Team and loves every single second of working with his students during practice. Osika has worked for Hobart High School as as a coach for eleven years. Every day that he gets an opportunity to work with his players is a day that he enjoys.

Before Osika was Head Coach of the Hobart High School Football Team he attended high school in Hobart. Osika graduated in 1998 as a Brickie and even played Football for them. Knowing that he would want to play football for a career, Osika went to Indiana University. Osika graduated with a B.S. in Business and Physical Education. He knew that football was something he was passionate about so he followed his dreams and did whatever he could to make them a reality.

Before Osika ended up back in Hobart he played football professionally for a small amount of time. He played for the Hoosiers at Indiana University. He also had the opportunity to play for the San Francisco 49ers and the Cleveland Brown’s. He loved the experience and appreciated his ability to follow his dreams.

Osika then got the chance to come back to Hobart as football coach and decided to take the opportunity. He loved working with his players so much that when the school system offered him a chance to teach six years ago, he happily took it. He realized that the opportunity would give him the chance to impact the lives of students and took it.

Now, Coach Osika is married to his wife, Stephanie, and has two kids named Ava and Elle. Ava is six years old and Elle is two years old and he couldn’t be happier with life. With a job he did not know he always wanted but now loves, a wonderful wife, and his two beautiful daughters, life is perfect for Coach Osika.

What’s Happening?

On September 15th Hobart High School is hosting the Homecoming Student Dance for all Hobart High School Students. This is the very first year that the dance will be held in the field house, with the concession stand open and run by the theatre department. All of the funds from the event concessions will be used to help make sets and costumes for this year's musical, My Fair Lady. This year’s Homecoming Dance is going to be very different from last years in multiple ways. In past years people have dressed up, bought new dresses and flowers, did their hair and makeup, and asked other students to go to the dance with them in very cute ways. Although students may still ask others to attend with them, this year the dance is a lot less formal. There will be no need for fancy dresses or high heels with this theme: BrickiePalooza.

The theme of the dance was chosen by senior members of the Booster Club. Their job is to run all of the school events, especially the dances. They chose this theme because of the up and coming event that lots of students wish to be apart of known as Lollapalooza. Lala is a music festival held in Chicago every year in which famous artists and bands perform back to back. This is a very fun experience and The Booster Club kept that in mind when choosing. They wanted students who didn’t have the opportunity to go to this famous festival to get the chance to go to something similar right here in town. Of course certain aspects cannot be replicated, such as the famous artists performing their catchy songs on a big stage, so they are doing what they can.

Tickets for this event started being sold on Tuesday, September 11th for $10. The Booster Club is also selling homecoming t-shirts for $10. These shirts have been designed to replicate the lollapalooza logo but to also have a Hobart twist to it. They are being sold in neon yellow and pink colors to show the brightness and intensity that lala normally is. These shirts are also being sold to the public at the homecoming parade and are being worn by students and staff to the pep rally to show their support for the Hobart football team.

The Homecoming Court has officially chosen their nominees for this year. Many people ran and hoped to be apart of the court but only three people in each level got to be chosen. Upperclassmen voted on who they wanted to be nominated for Homecoming Court and the entire school voted on who will actually be Homecoming King, Queen, Prince and Princess. Homecoming King and Queen are required to be seniors of Hobart High School and Homecoming Prince and Princess are required to be juniors. Of the people nominated, one person per category will be shown off to the public at the Homecoming Football Game and will wear their crown to the dance.