#1StudentNWI: Brickies Back in Session at Hobart High School

Brickie 411

Hobart High School offers a class to freshmen-seniors. This class is known as Journalism and is in charge of Hobart’s student newspaper, also known as “Brickie 411”. The class was previously taught by Mrs. Elizabeth Slough and is now being taught by one of the new teachers, Mrs. Leah Pagone. Pagone wants a more "newpaperish" look to the web page, rather than it looking more like a blog.

Everything will be changing- the look, the news, etc. It’s exciting to see how motivated Pagone and her Journalism students are to improve this newspaper and make it well known amongst the students, families of the students, staff, and other schools. She wants people to see and care about what’s happening at Hobart High School. The launch date of the totally new “Brickie 411” will be coming up sometime in October, so be on the lookout for it!

Girls Basketball Kids Camp

We may be in the middle of fall sports’ seasons, but winter sports are beginning to prepare for their upcoming seasons. The Girls Basketball team will begin open gym sessions the week following Labor Day. That is not the only thing beginning, though. The team will have a Kids Camp September 8th-10th from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. It is only three days because one camp was already held towards the end of the summer. This is one of the things that the team looks forward to. All of the girls enjoy working with the younger girls. It makes them feel honored to have young people looking up to them.

Rachel’s Challenge Comes to Hobart

During the week of August 31st- September 4th, Rachel’s Challenge speakers came to the high school once again. They came to us for the first time about four years ago to tell us Rachel’s story- how she was killed in the Columbine High School shooting, how she lived her life as if every day would be her last, and how we need to start a chain reaction of kindness.

All of the grades participated in one way or another. Freshmen and Juniors went down to the auditorium to listen to guest speakers. Seniors and other younger leaders went to the auditorium to learn how they can begin this chain reaction of kindness. Sophomores participated in an all day Rachel’s challenge event. Throughout the day, students did activities and played several games. Most of them required some sort of teamwork and strategies.

One activity was called Knee to Knee, Hand to Hand. Everyone was partnered up randomly and had to share something personal to their partner for 60 seconds and their partner could not reply. This was a trust exercise and it got students to realize that you never know what some people are going through. Many tears were shed, and many students had their eyes opened to how much words and actions can affect others.

Every year, this challenge continuously reminds Hobart students and staff of how important it is to be kind to others. We look forward to it every year.

Teacher Shoutout- Mr. Rodriguez

Many members of Hobart’s staff are new this year. We have completely new principals as well. Mrs. Angela Patrick moved to head principal fro her previous position as assistant principal. Mrs. Colleen Newell went from teaching English, Journalism, and Publications to become an assistant principal.

Mr. Jacob Rodriguez worked at Crown Point High School for ten years before coming to Hobart. Asking Mr. Rodriguez what made him want to be an assistant principal at Hobart, he said, “The community of Hobart is unlike any other town/city in Northwest Indiana. There is a great sense of family and culture here and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Hobart students and staff have been very welcoming to him and are extremely excited to have him here! He hopes to “assist the High School in creating opportunities for students that will promote success in their lives after high school.”

Spell Bowl

It is the beginning of the year, and many clubs are having their call out meetings. Clubs like FCA, DECA, Psych Club, Foreign Language Clubs, Key Club etc. are starting. One thing the High School has not had is Spell Bowl.

Mrs. Leah Pagone, previously mentioned in the “Brickie 411” article, came up with this idea. One problem that most people tend to struggle with is spelling. Spell Bowl will allow students to continuously work on spelling all kinds of words. You do not have to already know how to spell and be good at it. This is a club that everyone at the school should become aware of because spelling is extremely important. The club had a call out meeting the week of Labor Day, but it is not too late. Mrs. Pagone is available if you’re interested!