#1STUDENTNWI: Boone Grove High School swings into April with success

#1STUDENTNWI: Boone Grove High School swings into April with success

What’s Recently Happened

Boone Grove High School (BGHS) has been filled with many great memories and achievements. In the month of April alone, the spring sports kicked off their seasons a little later than usual due to all of the rain, but they have been playing some great seasons and are a blast to watch.

From an academic standpoint, there was a Hall of Fame induction ceremony held at BGHS for all of the seniors that have maintained a 3.5 or higher grade point average (GPA) throughout their entire high school careers. This was a beautiful ceremony where each student was honored and even got to choose an inspiring staff member who made their high school experience just a little bit better.

In addition to this event, an Academic All-Conference celebration was held at Zao Island for all of the athletes who have maintained a GPA of 3.7 or higher while also participating in a sport. This was a day filled with so much fun and excitement as BGHS students got a chance to celebrate their achievements and meet a lot of other students in the Porter County Conference (PCC). 

What’s Coming Up

BGHS students are preparing to wrap up the school year with only less than a month left! Everyone is working hard to keep their grades up, but are getting excited because summer is just around the corner. With the school year coming to a close, the students still have one more exciting event before graduation.

Prom for the upperclassmen is this weekend and everyone is scurrying to get the final touches of their looks together. The students are ready to dance the night away and celebrate “A Night Under the Stars,” which is this year’s theme. After this wonderful night, the seniors will prepare to say their final goodbyes to BGHS as they move onto the next phases of their lives.

However, before they go, they still have senior breakfast and graduation to look forward to. One more exciting event to keep an eye out for is the PCC Academic All- Conference awards ceremony. The event will be held in the middle of May at BGHS to celebrate the student athletes who work double time participating in their sport while also maintaining a high GPA.

Staff Spotlight

Jori Swan is an English teacher at BGHS who has taught so many students for so many years. She is a wonderful teacher who pushes her students to the best of their ability. In her class, students must earn the grade they get. She doesn't just give out completion points.

Swan is a very personable teacher who teaches in a way that will benefit the students in the rest of high school and into college if that’s what they so choose to do.

“I like to be strict but fair," she said. "I have high standards and clear expectations, but I hope the students know that I am human and have a personality, also. I think the balance between being strict and being personable shows them that I want them to be successful.”

She is mainly known for teaching a dual-credit English class which is a two year class in which students earn college credits. Swan is known for her love of sappy romance novels. Her favorite books are "Wuthering Heights" and "Pride and Prejudice."

“I am proud to be a teacher and proud of all the students I have had throughout the years who have grown and become successful and happy. I hope that each day I can come to school and make someone happier for having been in my class,” said Swan.  

She is funny, personable, and caring, and is a great asset to the BGHS community. 

Student Spotlight

There are so many incredible students, but one who sticks out to most people is Jessica Hampton. Hampton is an incredible student and person who strives to be the best at everything she does. She is the Salutatorian for the BGHS class of 2022.

Hampton is very dedicated to her school work and helping out at Chicago Street Theater. She is very smart and is extremely skilled in English as well as theater. However, she is amazing at everything she does, as Hampton is also the captain of the state-bound English Academic team.

She knows the information well and has spent countless hours analyzing different works of literature as well as their authors in order to give her team the best chance of success. Hampton is known as one of the smartest people at BGHS, but is also known for her love of standardized tests.

Hampton is a very deserving person and is truly amazing at school, theater, and being a go-to person for anyone who needs help, whether that is in school or life in general. She is an outstanding student and overall person who deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work and accomplishments. Hampton will continue her passion for theater in college, and will go on to do amazing things.