#1StudentNWI: Boone Grove High School goes full speed ahead into spring

#1StudentNWI: Boone Grove High School goes full speed ahead into spring

What’s recently happened?

Boone Grove High School (BGHS) has been putting in some serious work recently between academics, athletics, and everything in between. In the past few weeks, the junior class has taken the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in order to put them on their graduation pathway. 

This is the new requirement in order to be able to graduate from high school. It is a difficult test, but the students were very well prepared from the previous courses they have taken in high school. They also had put in many of their own hours after school in order to do practice questions and study the material they needed to work on. 

Another exciting thing is that the BGHS academic teams have had two competitions where they have had great success, bringing back many wins to campus. They have spent many months preparing for these competitions, and it is evident that their hard work has paid off. 

Finally, on athletics note, all of the BGHS sports teams have been diligently practicing every day since the beginning of March in order to be fully prepared for their seasons. They are determined to perfect the necessary skills in order to have a great season. 

The coaches, players, students, and staff are all excited about these upcoming games, meets, and matches to see what BGHS is going to bring to the table this year.

What’s coming up?

As exciting as the past month has been for BGHS, it is about to go to a whole other level. The academic teams have their final meet at Wheeler High School to compete with other schools in the area. This will be one of the most intense meets because this is the one that allows the teams to qualify for state competition. 

Boone Grove High School Baseball Team

On another academic note, the BGHS seniors who have a 3.5 or higher grade point average (GPA) will be inducted into the BGHS Class of 2022 Academic Hall of Fame. 

BGHS spring sports have been working hard in order to prepare for the upcoming weeks and months. The games, matches, and meets all begin within the next week and the student athletes are very excited to see what they are going to do this year. 

Seniors are especially excited about this season because it will be their final games of high school. However, even though this chapter of their lives is coming to an end, they are very excited for the upcoming graduation ceremony. This school year is close to ending, but far from over with everything going on at BGHS.

Staff spotlight

Tara Beere

Tara Beere is a Physics, Chemistry 1, and Chemistry 2 teacher at BGHS who has only been teaching for three years, but she has truly made such an impact on students.

She has had many teachers and professors in her life and has learned a lot about the teacher she wanted to be because of them. That being said, Beere does whatever she can to help the students succeed in her class. 

Of course, these courses can be difficult to understand at first, but Beere is always willing to help any student that needs it. She will always use her prep period, come in early, or stay after school in order to spend extra time explaining practice problems and help struggling students work through homework questions that are difficult.

On tests and quizzes Beere spends extra time to give students partial credit and explain where they went wrong.

“Partial credit allows students to get a decent grade when they have the work right, but one part of the problem is incorrect," Beere said. 

Beere is also the coach of the science academic team, as well as the golf coach. BGHS puts so many hours into the school in order to help her students and create bonds with them through sports. If she hasn’t done enough yet, Beere is also the sponsor for the junior class, so they have been working very hard to plan for prom. 

Beere truly loves what she does and you can see that by the work that she does inside and out of the classroom. She goes above and beyond to make sure that her students understand what is being taught to them, and she’ll even find an alternative way to teach the subject if some students are still struggling. 

BGHS is so lucky to have Beere as a teacher because she truly cares about the students and puts her heart, and a lot of time, into the school. This community is very lucky to have great teachers like her who are willing to spend extra time teaching the students or just talking to them about life. 

Student spotlight

Carlos Acevedo

BGHS is truly filled with so many incredible students, but someone who deserves special recognition is Carlos Acevedo. Acevedo is an incredible student as well as an overall person who is always there for anyone at any time. 

To start off, Acevedo is on the English academic team. He, as well as his team members, have to read and analyze short stories, poems, and novels in order to answer a series of questions in competition.

Acevedo plays a key role on this team as he is an amazing reader and writer who is interested in continuing to study college doing something in English Literature. Acevedo is also an amazing student who is in honors classes and is going to be in the Academic Hall of Fame for the Class of 2022. 

Acevedo is the sweetest guy you will ever meet; he is caring, truthful, and always there for whoever needs it. He is the kind of guy who would drop everything that he planned in order to stay and help you out if you asked him to.

Acevedo was chosen to be on Rainbow Staff for a leadership retreat called Natural Helpers, and he is the perfect person to be leading this. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does. This amazing trait will lead him to do great things in life. He is such an amazing leader, person, student, and friend.