#1StudentNWI: Bishop Noll Celebrates Tradition

#1StudentNWI: Bishop Noll Celebrates Tradition

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Renwald

If a teacher or student has technology issues at Bishop Noll, they go to Ms. Renwald. She has been a teacher for twelve years at Bishop Noll Institute. This year she teaches sophomore honors English, journalism, and mass media. In past years, she has taught expository writing to juniors and seniors, along with what she teaches now. She also has been named the administrator technology coach, helping teachers and students execute this year’s iPad 1:1 program.

When asked about her favorite part of teaching at BNI, she stated, “It’s hard to limit my response to just one favorite part of BNI because there are so many reasons why I’m still teaching here after nearly a dozen years. I love the dedication of the faculty and staff... I also really like the Bishop Noll community as a whole: the students, their families, and the alum. Just like the faculty is invested, the families become invested in this school too. It’s hard to pinpoint a reason for their devotion because I think it comes from all sorts of different reasons, and that’s what makes Bishop Noll so cool.”

Renwald was a huge part in making the iPad program a success. She loves having the iPads for several reasons including that students are able to multi-task, have 21st Century, real world skills, and having an easy tool to take on the bus to a sports game or on the car ride back from school. To say the least, Ms. Renwald is a key part of making the school what it is and BNI is lucky to have her.

Student Spotlight: Addison Cipowski

Imagine having your grandpa, dad, and several other family members attend the same high school as you. Well, freshman Addison Cipowski knows exactly how it feels because she is a third generation legacy at BNI. Cipowski said she came to Noll because she wanted to carry out the legacy and she really liked the atmosphere when she shadowed last year.

Cipowski dove right into Noll by being a key player on the freshmen volleyball team. When asked about her favorite class, Cipowski stated, “My favorite subject right now is STEM because it is unlike any other class I have had in the past.” Along with playing volleyball, she wants to run and throw the discus in track and field, be on the yearbook staff, and write for the BNI newspaper, the JourNoll. She says that the biggest difference between grade school and high school is that high school is more organized and matters more. Cipowski loves the new iPad 1:1 because it eliminates notebooks and she is learning how to use different types of technology correctly and wisely. Cipowski is a promising student at Noll by truly representing the school’s motto, “Body, Mind, and Soul.”

What’s happened?

Students recently walked the hallways not in their uniforms, but rather in colorful and crazy costumes. Bishop Noll’s 2018 Homecoming week theme was Hollywood. The days consisted of Meme/Vine Day, Duo Day, Class Color Day, Red Carpet Day(freshmen were paparazzi, sophomores were fans, juniors were bodyguards, and seniors were celebrities), and Extreme Warrior Day. In the days leading up to the week, homecoming proposals happened everywhere throughout the school. Whether having a Mariachi band and a singer perform during lunch or passing out roses down the hallways, the homecoming proposals were nothing but spectacular. The Warriors won the football game 33-0. At the half, Seniors Jaron Nash and Mary Markusic were crowned Homecoming King and Queen. The Homecoming Dance, which was put on by Student Council, was another success.

What is coming up?

Bishop Noll’s first overnight class retreat is the first week of October. This retreat is for sophomores only and is called El Camino. El Camino means “The Way,” and was specifically created by Noll students for Noll students in 2015. There are three separate El Camino retreats with about 40 people in each. Juniors and seniors who have gone on this retreat before lead the retreat. They are in charge of planning activities and making sure everything runs smoothly. Along with upperclassmen, a few teachers and administrators attend the retreat as well. This retreat is a requirement to graduate from BNI like all the other class retreats.

Bishop Noll also has a freshman retreat which is an all day event at the beginning of the school year. Juniors go on a four day, three night retreat called Kairos. Seniors go on a special retreat where they do several service projects over two days.

"The student retreat program at BNI is one that helps students build strong relationships with God, others, and self over four years. They are truly powerful and empowering experiences," said Stacia Bolakowski, Noll campus minister.