#1StudentNWI: April Showers Bring Much Talent at Valpo High School

#1StudentNWI: April Showers Bring Much Talent at Valpo High School
By: Peyton Mahlmann Last Updated: April 22, 2016

Each year, the IB and AP Art Classes are able to show off their vast range of talents in the Honors Art Show. The students create their own setup, entirely on their own, and in these set ups, they showcase their drawings, paintings, and other sorts of masterpieces that they have created throughout the school year.

Led by one of the most outgoing and uplifting teachers at VHS, Matthew Banas, the art show allows students to take on whatever path they choose and branch out their artworks to truly display their personalities. Being the only art teacher, Matthew Banas diligently shows a true passion for art and loves that he has the ability to share his students’ artwork to our school and community.

Featured photos of artists and their booths of artwork include the lovely Amber Tan. She is a Junior who takes AP Art and has an obviously strong ability to create realistic-looking artwork. Also included is the talented, Kara Rothenberger, who shows her love for sketches and various signs. For one of her projects, she broke an old clock and put it back together in a completely different way than it was created, making for a very interesting piece of woodwork!

I was so impressed by what students were able to create, and it’s amazing to see how much talent that our students have to offer outside of the books! Way to go AP and IB Art Students, and thank you to Matthew Banas for helping his students to make this a success.

Valpo-High-School-1StudentNWI-April-2016-2APRIL ANTICS COMING SOON
It’s that time of the year again, and the VHS Drama Club is more than ready to bring this year’s share of outstanding talent from our students! Each year, we are blessed to see a glimpse of what goes on outside of academics, and the students never fail to impress the community with their various acts.

The show, April Antics, will feature many different acts that all tie together for the theme this year of “The Viking Telethon”. Some of the specific acts feature students from the Girls Basketball Team, Vikettes, Jazz Band, Varsity Singers, and many many other talented VHS students.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to view this humorous, and shockingly-amazing show. This year, the April Antics show can be seen at the high school on April 22 or 23 at 7:00pm. Come out and see what our students can do!

Valpo-High-School-1StudentNWI-April-2016-3BRITTANY BRICE
If you are ever wondering who that girl is who is always found smiling, no matter where she is or what she’s doing, that’s Brittany Brice! She is hands down the most cheerful person I have ever met, and she has done so much to help those around her during her time here at VHS. Being a senior this year, it is going to be very sad to see her leave, but I am happy to be able to highlight some of the accomplishments that she has been able to make as a student these past 4 years.

When asked what her favorite part is about attending VHS is, she said it had to be the staff and the students.

“It is so wonderful to go to a school with such amazing educators and students who care about their education and want to get involved in their school and community,” says Brittany.

She is the prime example of a student who is willingly eager to get involved and provide as much good as possible to both her school and community.

Brittany will be heading off to college in the fall, and is looking forward to attending the University of Oregon. Hopeful towards the future, Brice says that she is still going to miss the wonderful atmosphere that the community of Valparaiso has brought her. When asked what she will miss most, she says, “I will miss all the memories that Valpo has given me through all the years, including the downtown area. Our downtown area has such a safe and upbeat environment that is perfect for any age.”

She has successfully been able to involve herself in a broad range of activities, and has even, with the help of a fellow student Rachel Reilly, started a club! This club, Support Our Soldiers, aims to raise money for our soldiers and also makes various efforts to show support towards all the hard work and effort that they have put in for us. Along with SOS Club, Brittany is also involved in Rainbow Staff for Natural Helpers, the Cheerleading Team, DECA, Community Theater at Chicago Street Theater, and American Legion Auxiliary.

With everything that Brittany has brought to VHS, she says that her biggest support system of encouragement through all of it would definitely be her mom and dad.

Thank you, Brittany for all of the amazing things that you have done for not only me, but countless other students here at VHS!

Valpo-High-School-1StudentNWI-April-2016-4MRS NAGEL
Mrs. Nagel has served as one of the most influential teachers to not only me but to numerous other students at the high school. If you ask anybody who was fortunate enough to have her as a teacher, they would without a doubt tell you how incredibly effective she is when teaching. To this day, I remember every single thing she has taught me from last year, which is not always easy to do. She is someone who is easy to talk to and can explain absolutely anything in the most understandable way possible.

When asked what her favorite subject to teach is, she says Chemistry.

“I enjoy teaching Chemistry because it is a blend of science and math. Chemistry is also interesting because there are a lot of fun labs that can be done to help the subject matter come to life for my students,” says Nagel.

Her classroom is such a fun and enjoyable place, and the students consistently enter her room with true excited to learn from her.

Nagel says how “being a teacher has benefited me because it has taught me to see things from different perspectives. In the classroom, I realize that not all my students learn the same way. I have learned to include a variety of teaching methods to best help all of my students.”

She continues to say how patient she has become throughout her teaching. It has allowed her to carry this over to her life outside of school as well and this has been very beneficial for her.

VHS is such a lucky place to have a teacher like you, Mrs. Nagel. Thank you for all that you have done for your students, it sure doesn’t go unnoticed!