#1StudentNWI: All Star Cheer Teams at Griffith High School

GHS Cheer: Starting Fresh

For the upcoming year, the cheer team is going through multiple changes, including new coaches, Kim Teamer and Nina Reed. Not only are the coaches new, but the whole JV team is new. The team has been working harder than ever and conditioning all summer to get in great shape for the upcoming season. The team paired up with the Griffith High School basketball team and had a car wash. There was an amazing turn out which helped the cheer team get new uniforms for their new team.

“The new coaches have been doing so much for our team and they have brought a lot of new changes. We are in the best shape we have ever been in as a team and everyone is showing so much potential. GHS Cheer is on the come up!” said varsity cheerleader Natalie Halley.

Color Guard: Recruiting Members

The cheerleaders aren’t the only ones in Griffith with new changes. This previous year, color guard lost four members, leaving only two member left. This meant that they had to go on the hunt for new members. Four members (inexperienced) were recruited leaving a total of six people on the team. The team might be small, but that doesn’t stop them from trying their best to have great routines. Band camp is coming up where the captains will choreograph and teach the rest of the team three new routines. They will be learning routines to: Uptown Funk, Shake it Off, and The Cupid Shuffle. These will be the routines that the color guard will be performing this upcoming football season.

“Watching the team learn new skills, bond, and become closer as a team makes being a captain worth it. We are a much smaller team compared to other color guard teams, but we try to make up for it in our routines. I am so proud of how far everyone has come and I can’t wait for camp. I always have a good time at color guard and I am glad I decided to join my sophomore year,” said captain Sam Snell.

Griffith Students Take Part in the G.R.E.A.T. Program

The G.R.E.A.T. Program is led by Griffith cop Peter Ghrist and it is where kids learn about: gangs, how to stay out of them, and how to hang out with the right people. They also volunteer and help clean up around nearby towns. For example, they recently cleaned Central Park in Griffith and the Highland Park. The program is not only welcome to Griffith kids, but many Griffith students have decided to join including junior

Max Carroll, recent graduates Kevin Willson and Brittany Kealey, and much more. This program has been teaching many kids how to be a better person and encourages them to share the information with others and try to get others to join this helpful program.

“The G.R.E.A.T. program is a great way to keep kids off of the streets and teach them the right thing to do. I have many a lot of amazing people and I love being a part of something like this,” said Carroll.

Student Shout-Out

As a freshman, Laura Reid took part in sports, clubs, out of school activities, was in honors classes, and finished out the year with the highest GPA in the freshman class. For the school, she was on the Pantherettes team (GHS dance team), double rostered for the tennis team, acted in the spring musical, and took participated in student council, class council, FCCLA, and international club. For her sophomore year, she is the class council president, is in chorale (highest choir GHS offers), and plans to do almost every activity/club she was in her freshman year. Out of school, she volunteers for the nursing home, soup kitchen, teaches (unpaid) and Jeanne’s Dance Academy, and is part of her church’s choir. Laura is hardworking and always tries to help everyone and stay as involved as she can.