#1StudentNWI: A Great February at Edison HS!

#1StudentNWI: A Great February at Edison HS!

National Honors Society Spreading the Love
The Edison High School National Honors Society worked to spread the love from the start of February up until Valentine’s Day itself. Students were given the opportunity to show appreciation to those whom they care for in the school. For $1, students could purchase a single flower, and for $5, the students could purchase an entire bouquet, to be delivered last hour on Valentine’s Day to the recipient of their choosing. But these aren’t your typical roses that the National Honors Society is selling; they are lollipop flowers! Handcrafted by the head of NHS herself, Mrs. McKnight, the flowers consist of three lollipops wrapped in colored paper, accompanied by a message from each student to their recipient.

The sale was all in good fun and a chance to show love to everyone in the school, with all proceeds funding Edison’s National Honors Society.

“I didn’t expect anything, so this was very awesome,” comments Edison senior Jaeda Nowacki.

“The Edison Honors Society raised just shy of $200 during the event,” says National Honors Society President Chris Caston. “So you could say it was a success.”

1studentnwi-lake-station-feb-2017-2LaPorte Competition for Cheer
On Feb. 12, the Edison cheerleaders attended the LaPorte Slicer Invitational looking to win the competition in their division. Last season was a down year for the cheerleaders; they did not place first in any competitions the whole year. The ladies and lifters were seeking change to say the least. And change is what they got.

For the first time in recent memory as a co-ed cheer team, the Edison Eagles won first place. The ladies and lifters were noticeably ecstatic about the whole thing. For the seniors, it was a great way to start their final competition season and it showed the freshman, sophomores and juniors how much they can improve over the course of the next year or so.

“Everything hit. Everyone stayed up,” notes an Edison lifter, “All of our stunts hit and I've never been so confident in a win my whole cheer career!”

Unfortunately due to a camera error, no action shots are present of the performance, but that couldn't bring down the spirits of the cheer team. Many of the cheer members claimed this to be one of their best performances. So don't miss out on these ladies and gents on March 12 at the Hobart Cheer Invitational.

1studentnwi-lake-station-feb-2017-3In the Spotlight: Mrs. McKnight
Mrs. McKnight is a long time resident of Edison Jr./Sr. High School, starting in 2008. She has always found a way to be much of a fixture into her students lives, by always having her door open to chat and being wholesome and honest to all of her students with the world and life. It helps at a young age to have someone as intelligent as McKnight to go to and help make sense of the changing world.

“You know that she is going to be real with you about it.” comments an Edison senior.

McKnight teaches Trigonometry, Algebra 2, Finite and PreCalculus to the high school students at Edison. When she is away from the classroom, Mrs. McKnight enjoys reading, baking food and doing jigsaw puzzles, but she admits that her students are always on her mind.

In 2013, Mrs. McKnight displayed her love and affection for her students at the highest level. That year, McKnight began to lose her eyesight, but that couldn't stop her. Her vision was so bad that she had to memorize the board and layout problems blindly. She would have students read out the problems and work out many equations orally for her PreCalculus class.

McKnight has gone through various health issues and has even received a number of transplants to keep going, but she has not stopped loving her students. By the beginning of the 2014 school year, her vision had come back and all she needed was glasses at certain times. Life is looking on the up for this wonderful teacher and she knows that if anything goes wrong, she has a group on loving students to fall back on.

She is now the head of Edison’s High School National Honor Society and has adapted as a role model figure for her students. Battling through and teaching in unimaginable pain for years, McKnight has bonded with the students on an emotional level unlike any other teacher at Edison.

1studentnwi-lake-station-feb-2017-4Coming up in Edison!
For Edison sports, the Boys’ Basketball regular season comes to finish with Senior Night on Friday, Feb. 24 against 21st Century. The Varsity seniors of Boys’ Basketball and Cheerleading will be honored at the event. Speaking of the Cheerleaders, after a first place finish at the LaPorte Slicer Invitational in the Varsity CoEd division, the ladies and lifters look to compete against a host of other schools at the Hobart Cheer Invitational on Sunday, March 12.

Preparation for Edison’s spring sports is in full swing, with softball, baseball and girls’ tennis conditioning coming to a close and official practices beginning. All three of these teams have their sights set on a start to their season in March, looking to improve with an influx of young athletes. Also in March, Edison’s music department is hosting two free concerts, the choir on Wednesday, March 8 and the band onThursday, March 16.

So come out and support Edison's students for a very busy last few months of the 2016-2017 school year!