#1Student NWI: Hobart High School’s Homecoming week and candy grams

#1Student NWI: Hobart High School’s Homecoming week and candy grams

Student Spotlight

Twelve schools recently participated in swimming sectionals. Out of the twelve schools, Hobart placed third. All of the swimmers were very excited about their victory, Alivia Ahner more than most. Ahner loves swimming and has been diving for the school’s swim team for several years. She has been working very hard for a long time and committing to many hard practices that can last for hours, sometimes twice a day, before and after school.

All of her hard work paid off when she qualified for diving regionals at Penn High School last Tuesday. The junior was so ecstatic that her hard work went a long way, allowing her to place third in the one-meter diving competition. This will be her third time at regionals. Ahner said she is excited and wishes her fellow swimmers good luck.

Teacher Spotlight 

Jon Brumley has taught at Hobart High School for more than 10 years and has led the quiz bowl team for just as long. Brumley has loved quiz games his entire life, so when he learned about Quiz Bowl, he was ecstatic. Quiz Bowl gives schools across the county a chance to compete against each other every Tuesday. The top two teams then compete on television at a local news station for the final win.

Every Tuesday, Hobart students meet in Brumley’s classroom and prove their knowledge of random topics against their friends. Some weeks, even teachers from other classes come in and compete against the students. 

Brumley loves seeing his students getting questions correct and teaching them how to do better when they don’t. Besides Quiz Bowl, Brumley teaches pre-calculus, trigonometry, and calculus. He also serves as a math tutor outside of class when students are having trouble understanding. Brumley is a wizard at math, and being able to see him in his true element is a great experience.

Valentines and candy grams

With so many fun ways to celebrate love in the air, February 14 is usually a pretty fun day for students at Hobart High School. This year was just as magical due to Hobart’s Key Club candy gram fundraiser. Students advertised the fundraiser the week leading up to Valentines Day, selling candy grams at lunch to raise money for the Australian wildfires. Every penny made with this fundraiser will be sent to help those who have been displaced because of the wildfires.

The original plan was to give out the candy grams the Thursday before Valentine’s Day because there was no school on the actual day. Sadly, due to snow, school was canceled that day so they rearranged to give out the treats during seventh hour the following Monday.

Basketball Homecoming

Ordinarily, there are three school dances a year for which students eagerly await. This year, the school board decided to change that. Instead of a winter semiformal dance following basketball homecoming, the staff instead is placing a heavier focus on the fall homecoming dance and eliminating the semiformal. Although there is no dance this year, there is still a basketball homecoming celebration, of course. 

Next week, students are excited for the basketball team’s homecoming game as well as spirit week. Spirit week is always a fun opportunity for students to show their school spirit by partaking in miscellaneous activities going on around the school. There is always a class costume contest where students from different grades compete against each other, locker decoration contests, and, new for this year, a Tik Tok challenge. The winner is then announced at the pep rally on Friday.